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Tiger Tutor ACT & SAT Test Days:

Preparing for your upcoming ACT or SAT Test? Anxious to know your score? Sign-up for one of Tiger Tutor’s Free Test Days!  During day sessions, participants will complete a FREE full-length practice test following the ACT or SAT test day structure (Yes, it’s completely free!). All test days also include a brief Q&A session with the instructor, an overview of best test-taking strategies, and an informational session on Tiger Tutor’s services.

Why Sign-Up

The ACT and SAT are both long tests, and it’s important to prepare yourself for the structure of the day. After completing a Tiger Tutor Test Day, you will be more familiar with the test day structure. We also use full-length practice tests created by the ACT and the College Board; therefore, you are actually taking a test developed AND approved by the test publishers and not a test trying to mimic the ACT or SAT. Taking practice tests is an effective way to improve your score and begin building up your test day endurance!


Interested in taking a practice test with Tiger Tutor. Check out our upcoming test dates on our events calendar, and SIGN UP HERE!

What Next?

We understand that after completing the test, you may need additional support. Tiger Tutor to the rescue! After completing the practice test, students can sign-up for a consultation with an expert tutor to learn more about their score, review questions, and learn test-taking strategies for $60 an hour. Appointments and scheduling must be pre-arranged before or after you take your full practice test with Tiger Tutor to allow us to notify our tutors. You can also sign-up for Tiger Tutor’s fee-based services, private tutoring and small group instruction, based on your needs.

Upcoming Test Day:

Please contact for information regarding upcoming test days.


PLEASE NOTE: Test Days are limited to one per student per type of test. Please contact Tiger Tutor if you have any questions.

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