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SAT Test Prep


Your child’s SAT score on their college entrance exam is one of the most important factors in determining college acceptance. Tiger Tutor focuses on individualized tutoring based on each students’ needs and goals. We can help you decide on the ACT or SAT, work with your child to build a targeted learning plan, and in the long run, help your child achieve the highest score possible. Plus, since Tiger Tutor is a non-profit organization our affordable prices fit every budget. 

Beginning March 2024, the SAT will be fully digital. Changes include:

Adaptive format: each test domain will be divided into two modules. After completing the

first module, the second module will generate questions suited to the students’ proficiency level.

Duration: the SAT’s duration will decrease from three hours to two hours and 14 minutes.

Calculator: students will be able to use a calculator on all math problems. The calculator

is built into the testing software.

Exam Results: score reports will come just a few days after taking the test and include a personalized college and career guidance section. Students will receive information about four-year, two-year, and workforce training programs, as well as career field matching, based on their performance.

Reading prompts: reading questions will no longer draw from a series of multi- paragraph passages. Students will instead answer each question based off of a corresponding bulleted set of notes. Question content will still be college-level.

  • Required hardware: a computer or tablet with separate keyboard is required to take the digital SAT. Contact your school or testing center to see if they will provide the hardware. If you bring your own hardware, make sure it is fully charged and can last at least 3 hours. There is no guarantee an outlet will be available for charging.


The SAT is taken by all students enrolled in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) during their junior year at the beginning of April. The SAT focuses on Reading/Writing/English and Math, with an optional essay:

Here at Tiger Tutor, we offer private one-on-one tutoring and small group classes (3-5 students) at our Chicago office, taught by tutors who scored above the 90th percentile on their college admissions exams. All services include a complimentary pre-test -- which evaluate students’ strengths and weaknesses -- and a complimentary post test to make sure students are ready for test day. In addition, our special Tiger Tutor practice test days include a full practice test and Q&A session with one of our tutors.

Learn more about our pricing here.

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