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Northwestern University

Class of 2020

University of Texas

Class of 2013

Syed is currently pursuing his Masters in Engineering Management from Northwestern University. He has had previous tutoring experience teaching English and Math at all levels up to high school. Originally from Pakistan, previously tutored in Karachi, where he English and Math at a tutoring center for underprivileged youth. He has taught math, chemistry, and physics to students in Middle School, High School and Community College in the United States.


He tutored students for the SAT and ACT with an emphasis on helping students learn concepts, strategies and tackle different kinds of problems effectively. While Syed has extensive experience in quantitative subjects, he is also an avid reader of classical literature and frequently took English literature and liberal arts classes in his undergraduate studies (he scored in the 97% percentile in the english section of the GRE).


Syed currently tutors for the ACT, SAT, high school admissions exams, and middle school subject-based tutoring in either one-on-one or in small groups. Syed really enjoys working with students and is extremely excited to help his students succeed!

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