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Depaul University

Class of 2022

Ayyan currently attends Depaul University. A Health Science major with a concentration in Public Health and a minor in Spanish, he is in his third year within both the regular Honors Program and the Pathway Honors Program (for STEM majors).


Ayyan has had multiple years of tutoring experience starting high school and then later at a local family-owned tutoring center called Intellect Learning Center. At that center, he tutored a range of subjects and students-- from kindergarteners to seniors in high school-- from teaching beginning language arts and math skills to ACT and SAT prep. Ayyan has various skills in both STEM subjects as well as in the Liberal Arts as well as spent much time tutoring students for various standardized tests.


Outside of academics, Ayyan spends time in creative fields attending spoken word events and engaging in the artistic communities within Chicago.

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