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Alec Chang

Northwestern University
Class of 2020

Alec grew up in the Chicago suburbs and went to New Trier High School. He then went to Northwestern University where he majored in Biological Sciences with a concentration in physiology and cell biology, and minored in economics and general music. He loves playing volleyball, running, and working out in his free time. Alec also play the trumpet and have been teaching himself piano and guitar for the past couple months. Some of his other favorite things to do are listening to podcasts and audiobooks, cooking, and hanging out with friends. He is currently working in a plastics surgery research laboratory as a research technologist at Lurie Children’s Hospital while also applying to medical school. His strengths are in the math and science fields, however he have taken AP english and history and have had plenty of experience with these subjects in college and on standardized exams. He is most comfortable teaching math and science, but can teach english, reading, and history as well.

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