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College Admissions and COVID-19

We're all living in a surreal world while being self-quarantined due to COVID-19. Apart from the health and safety issues we all face with COVID-19, there are many inconvenient changes to our lives brought on by this pandemic.

For instance, my daughter, a high school senior at Chicago's Walter Payton College Prep, is worried about whether she'll have a senior prom and senior graduation. More impactful to her future, she won't be able to attend admitted students day at the top schools she's been admitted to due to the danger of COVID-19. And my nephew, a junior at Whitney Young, has to deal with changing test dates for the SAT and ACT, or whether they'll be scheduled at all.

I'm providing here a link to a recent article from Forbes that also discusses this issue for high school juniors and seniors. Saving lives around the world is paramount, and my daughter and thousands of high school seniors will have to adjust to a virtual tour of their future admitted schools. But they're resilient, and they will succeed despite the pandemic.

Here at Tiger Tutor, we're adjusting by providing virtual tutoring for our middle-school and high school students, using online tools like Zoom conference. If you have any questions on how we can help your child achieve their academic success, please call us today.

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