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Tiger Tutor is extremely grateful for the support of the following partners, who have helped make our social enterprise business possible.


Interested in learning more about Tiger Tutor and becoming a potential partner? Please e-mail Tiger Tutor’s manager,
Emma Macdonald


The Chicago Community Trust is a community foundation dedicated to improving the Chicago region through strategic grantmaking, civic engagement and inspiring philanthropy. The Chicago Community Trust serves those who strive to make a difference, helping those with a bold vision create lasting community change. You can visit their website here.


With the Trust’s support, Tiger Tutor has been able to fund our first year of work, enhance the quality of our instruction, and further build our brand.



Based in Highland Park, IL, the Julian Grace Foundation is an entrepreneurial private foundation that does high-engagement grantmaking in order to create a just, unified and hopeful world. The Julian Grace Foundation envisions a just world, in which there is renewed hope, socio-economic mobility, and unity and healing within and between individuals, communities, and the environment.


With support from the Julian Grace Foundation, Tiger Tutor has been able  continue to build our brand and expand our services to include test prep for the Chicago Public School Selective Enrollment High School exam.


Latin School of Chicago, a K-12 private college preparatory school, provides its students with a rigorous and innovative educational program in a community that embraces diversity of people, cultures, and ideas. Latin School of Chicago strives to be truly "of" Chicago, and its partnership with the Uptown/Edgewater neighborhoods represents this commitment to the community. Latin School inspires its students to lead lives of purpose and excellence. You can visit the Latin School’s website here.


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